MP 900 Infusion-Central Monitoring System

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HFOV 3100B
  • True Premature Neonatal Pediatric (3100B)
  • Ultimate in low stretch lung protective strategy
  • Active exhalation mechanism
  • Decoupling of otxvgenation & ventilation
I X 5 Ventilators
    • True Neonatal, Paediatric & Adult patients
    • Quick clues on patient weaning status and readiness.
    • Color-coded lung model to display patient effort.
    • Minute ventilation bar that clearly defines respiratory patient effort and support requirements.
    • Remote viewing parameters for quick patient assessment.
    • manages the patient spectrum in both noninvasive and invasive modes.
iX5 Ventilator
MP 30 Syringe Pump
MP 60 Infusion Pump